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Fact Check: President Biden’s Statements During Pennsylvania Campaign Swing Found Misleading

During a three-day campaign swing in Pennsylvania, President Joe Biden made several statements that have been found to be false or misleading on various topics. Here’s a breakdown of some of the claims made by President Biden:

Biden’s Earnings

President Biden claimed he never earned $400,000 a year. However, official tax filings show that he and First Lady Jill Biden reported incomes well above $400,000 in recent years, including millions in 2017 and 2018 from book deals and paid speeches. While Biden did earn less than $400,000 per year before 2017, his recent claims are misleading..

Biden’s Cap on Seniors’ Prescription Drug Spending

Biden stated that starting in 2024, seniors’ prescription drug costs would be capped at $2,000 annually. This claim is incorrect on two counts: the cap of $2,000 starts in 2025, not 2024, and it is subject to inflation adjustments, potentially increasing the amount in the future.

China’s Demographics

President Biden incorrectly claimed that China has more retired people than working people. Official data shows that China had over 740 million employed individuals at the end of 2023, while the number of people aged 60 or above was approximately 297 million.

Biden’s Corporate Minimum Tax

Biden claimed that no big corporation would pay zero federal income taxes anymore due to his new minimum tax law. However, this claim is exaggerated as the tax only applies to companies with at least $1 billion in average annual income, leaving some profitable corporations exempt from the tax.

Billionaires and Taxes

Biden stated that the average federal tax rate for billionaires is 8.3%. This claim is misleading as it includes an alternative calculation not based on the current tax system, which experts say underestimates the actual tax rate paid by billionaires.

Biden and the Budget Deficit

Biden boasted about cutting the federal deficit by over $1 trillion during his time in office. This claim is misleading as the reduction was primarily due to a decrease in emergency pandemic relief spending, not due to Biden’s policies reducing the deficit.

Biden’s Visits to Iraq and Afghanistan

President Biden overstated the number of times he visited Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming to have visited 36 to 38 times when official records show he visited 21 times.


Biden’s Uncle in World War II

Biden told a dramatic story about his late uncle, Ambrose Finnegan, being shot down by cannibals during World War II. The Defense Department’s official account contradicts Biden’s story, stating the plane ditched in the ocean off New Guinea due to engine failure, with no mention of cannibalism.

In conclusion, several of President Biden’s statements made during his Pennsylvania campaign swing have been found to be false or misleading upon fact-checking. It is essential for political leaders to provide accurate information to the public, especially when making policy proposals or sharing personal stories.

Fuente: CNN

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