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New York Bill Proposed to Prevent Squatters from Having Rights

The issue of illegal squatters in New York has caught the attention of legislators, prompting action to tackle this challenge affecting both property owners and legitimate tenants. Through a recently introduced bill, efforts are underway to provide property owners with more effective tools to address this problem and protect their rights.

The bill comes in response to reports of property owners facing difficulties in regaining control of their unlawfully occupied properties. These incidents have shed light on loopholes in current legislation, which allows illegal squatters to remain in properties for extended periods, even after the owner has initiated legal eviction proceedings.

One of the primary goals of the bill is to modify the timeframe after which squatters acquire certain rights over the property. Currently, in New York, this period is 30 days, making it challenging for property owners to take immediate action to reclaim their properties.

The bill proposes extending this period to 45 days, allowing property owners to act more swiftly and effectively in cases of illegal occupation.

Assemblyman Blumencranz, the bill’s sponsor, has voiced concerns about how current legislation favors illegal squatters at the expense of legitimate property owners. According to Blumencranz, the current lack of effective measures to address this issue allows squatters to exploit the system and remain in properties for prolonged periods without significant consequences.

In addition to extending the timeframe before squatters acquire rights over the property, the bill also aims to provide property owners with additional options to regain control of their properties more quickly and efficiently.

This would include the possibility of police intervention and arrests in cases of illegal occupation, rather than relying solely on the judicial system to resolve these conflicts.

The introduction of this bill in New York follows similar initiatives implemented in other states, such as Florida, where steps have been taken to address the issue of illegal property occupation. These legislative actions seek to balance the rights of tenants with the legitimate rights of property owners and ensure a fair and efficient eviction process that protects the interests of both parties.

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